Donnerstag, 2. April 2015

Stuttgart: Symposium „Color in Animation, Comics and Literature“

Call for Papers

für das eintägige Symposium „Color in Animation, Comics and Literature“, das während des Internationalen Trickfilm Festivals Stuttgart in Zusammenarbeit mit der Society of Animation Studies, der School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University Singapore, dem Institut für Medienwissenschaft der Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, der AG Animation und dem Literaturhaus Stuttgart stattfindet. Die internationale und interdisziplinäre Veranstaltung zielt darauf ab, Lehrende, Studenten, Akademiker und Künstler zusammenzubringen, um die Rolle von Farbe in Literatur, Illustration, Graphic Storytelling und Animation zu diskutieren.

Das Symposium findet am 06. Mai 2015 im Literaturhaus Stuttgart statt. Noch bis zum 17. April 2015 können Paper eingereicht werden. Der Call richtet sich an Interessierte aus Wissenschaft, Forschung und Praxis.

This one-day symposium welcomes papers, which negotiate the role and use of color in the fields of literature, illustration, graphic storytelling and animation.
The symposium invites abstracts for 20-minute presentations and welcomes proposals on all aspects of color in book illustration, comics (graphic novels) and animation/film in general.
Proposals, which relate to the symposium topics in the wider sense will be preferred.
Topics can include, but are not limited to:

    Color and visual storytelling
    Color as a dramatic tool in animation and comics
    Use of color in book illustrations
    The role of color in adaptations for comics and/or animation/film
    Socio-cultural context of color in illustration, animation and comics
    Techniques of coloring in comics and animation
    Comparative studies of digital coloring versus traditional methods

Please e-mail abstracts of 250 words maximum (excluding title) to the attention of the conference review committee at:

Abstracts should include your name, affiliation, e-mail address, and the title of your proposed paper. Please do also provide a short CV, with a maximum of 300 words as a separate document.

The call is open to all interested scholars, researchers and practitioners.

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