Mittwoch, 8. April 2015

Jobsuche! Post von Viola Baier

Dear friends!
I'll be available for work soon, so if you know of anybody who could have need for anything that I have to offer please send me a message or mail. I can offer:
-Experience in traditional and digital 2D and 3D animation and most of the majorly used software (if i don't know your software yet, I am a quick learner if I am allowed to curse in the process)
- other art and film related stuff like directing, character designing and art directing, scriptwriting, coloring, compositing, editing, little bit of lighting and modeling and random doodeling
- passion and hard work
- some experience (
- flexible if moving is required, but I can also work remote jobs
- childish jokes and giving out unique nicknames
- random singing of Christmas songs all year round with the option of being quiet on request (animation is concentration!!!!)

What I wish for my satisfaction in my new job:
-Interessting projects
- unfortunatly i have to mention it, but: FAIR $$$ (I still have to pay off debts from my 6 1/2 year education in my field at the 3 different schools I studied at and from my 2 years of unpaid internships before that. Also, that time of education should entitle me to earn more than the hourly rate of a cashier at a fastfood chain, and I am getting too old to always keep living in closet sized flatshare rooms in the cities lowest rent range out of poorness!) .... Not asking to become a millionaire, but pay me fairly. (if you want to make me rich, i would not object neither.)
- nice colleagues, teams and work hirarchy, where people care for each other.
- i don't mind occassional overtime, but it shouldn't be a regular thing, and should somehow being compensated or recognized
- a beach closeby would be nice, but not a must....
Yeah, I guess that's all. New showreel follows soon.
Oh, I forgot to mention: if that's of any help, i also have experience in being nice to clients (cashier), waiting and cleaning tables, selling souveniers, animating people to dance in clubs (while being fully dressed!), selling ice cream from a cooler bag around my stomach, and writing name tags at single parties while being dressed in a full-body strawberry costume and a green wig.
Now tell your friends and give me a job!!!

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