Dienstag, 3. März 2015

Annecy 2015: Das offizielle Poster von Regina Pessoa

© Regina Pessoa

The International Animation Film Festival, Annecy 2015 unmasked with its official poster created by Regina Pessoa.


"I was inspired by different things for this poster:

First of all, the poster is paying tribute to animation: the hands, wearing old gloves from the days of the first cartoons, are making shadow puppets, one of the first shapes ever projected and as old as mankind itself.

Le lapin… le lapin !
This rabbit shadow puppet is my tribute to the Annecy Festival public. After 20 years of regular visits to the Festival, I've heard this unique and very enthusiastic chant from the public of Le lapin… le lapin! many times.
Shadow puppets
The hands that are making the shadow puppets are a woman's. She is the main element of the poster because Annecy 2015 is dedicated to WOMEN.
The colours of Spain
This woman, dressed in red against a yellow background, is a flamenco dancer... because this year's guest country is my neighbour, Spain.

Personal world
Finally, since the Festival graciously asked me to create this poster, I've put a lot of personal touches into it... Especially my fascination for lights and shadows, which I believe sum up the cinema, and my rather sombre and textured style that is a little bit frightening and magical. Shadow puppets are often featured in my work, and rabbits in particular, as they are a secret reference to Alice in Wonderland, a story that inspires and has been with me since I started filmmaking."

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