Sonntag, 1. Dezember 2013

As seen from the US! Handdrawn Animation coming from good old Europe!

2D European Feature Films as seen from the USA.
From the very interesting Blog  

The 2-D Liberation Movement started with a conversation between Tony White and Jay Schuh at the 2013 CTN Animation Expo in Burbank, California. We hope it will continue by traditional 2-D animators around the world linking in pride for being part the finest art-form of this current era. It is one that must be allowed to ever grow and evolve. Anyone wishing to learn 2-D animation as it has been passed down from master to pupil for over a century should visit Tony's online 2-D ACADEMY where an increasing number of invaluable learning resources are available. Everyone else - please donate a drawing to our '2D: DRAWN TOGETHER' book appeal.

Für alle die es interessierts, hier bitte klicken!

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