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PIXAR STORY SUPERVISOR BRIAN LARSEN (BRAVE) hält Vortrag in Bonn am 10 Juli um 19.00 Uhr

Tuesday, 10 July, 7:00 pm
Presentation in the Forum
Pixar Corporate Culture –
A university as a sandbox for new Ideas

Dominique R. Louis, Remy und Emile (Ausschnitt), Ratatouille
2007, Pastell © Disney/Pixar
One reason for the success of Pixar is the in-house training programme, the Pixar University. 'Most companies limit themselves to job training' explains Randy Nelson, former Dean of the Pixar University. Elyse Klaidman, director of the Pixar University, speaks of the freedom Pixar's employees enjoy in learning: 'Above all it is about bringing people and their different skills together.' It is perfectly possible that the
Pixar president finds himself sitting next to the janitor as they both take a course in pottery. Bookkeepers may – quite literally – get into duels with directors, while programmers may discover their thespian gift in acting classes. 'Our mantra is that art challenges technology, and technology inspires art.' Björn Bollensdorff, a student from Berlin, reports that 'much store is set by everybody helping everybody else and everything being perfectly networked'. 'Unlike in Berlin', he continues 'it is all about working with each other rather than against each other, … which is a far cry from the situation at German universities.'

Facing this Brian Larsen, 'Brave', story supervisor, will give a presentation on animation production from start to finish – a rare opportunity to hear from a master in the field – an offer of an insider's insight into Pixar's very special corporate culture.
'Brave' will be released in Germany on the 2nd of August (German title: 'Merida – Legende der Highlands').

The presentation will be given in English.
Duration: c. 90 minutes
The event is limited to a maximum of 300 participants.

Fee: € 9 / reduced € 6, incl. admission to the exhibition
school parties: € 28 per group incl. one responsible adult.
Teachers, educators: € 6 / € 4,50

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